Monday, October 20, 2008

My new projector

So I was all set to buy my new optoma ep719 (open box) from Circuit Shitty. Low and behold, they effed up, I shouldn't have been sent to this other store without them first checking on the product. It wasn't there, and if it were it would have been $800(-open box discount) instead of the $700 they told me at the other store, or $600 like I paid for it last time. (long story short about last time, I thought a column on the far left was vertically shifted on high-def display and they wouldn't check it in store. so I returned it and put a voodoo curse on their stock shares)

They did however offer me a different open box projector Optoma HD65 at $720 (more than I wanted to spend, but also $280 off regular price). No re-stocking fee if I return it in 30days, and of course it came with the wrong remote. Well, that's Circuit Shitty for you. Give you a good deal and then poop on your chest when you are trying to figure out why you're new electronics don't work.

On the plus side it has an amazing picture from what I've seen of the VGA (or D-Sub) hook up. The darn thing doesn't have a DVI, but it does have HDMI and Component. So that is kind of goofy, but I can't complain because now I can use the component out from the nice DVD player. I'll just have to buy a converter for my computer's DVI port.

1600 Lumens (not as bright as the other one, but this is for movies not power point presentations)
4000:1 contrast ratio
DLP (because LCD is crap side by side and life length)
16:9 Aspect Ratio

It says it is compatible up to 1080p, but I'm pretty sure it maxes out at 720p. More on resolutions when I actually make sense of them. Wikipedia has a sticky mess of an explanation, that is probably just too in depth for me. What is important to me is the picture they have.

On there you can see the most common LCD screen resolution (1280x1024 or SXGA), how that compares to the native projector resolution (1280x720, also called HD720) and the projector's maximum resolution (1920x1080, also called HD1080, also called freakin' B-U-T-Full).

Along with this one needs to know the capacity of the different ports we have on the back of these dumb machines and cables we use. So here we go:

Cables (maximum resolutions)
Composite: 480i
S-Video : 480p
VGA/D-Sub :
HDMI : 1080p (and up)
Component : 1080p (and up, they don't make tvs better than this yet though)

Sources (maximum output)
DVD Players: 720p (via component)
Blue-Ray Players: 1080p (via hdmi or component)
Computer graphics cards: + (via vga or dvi) (my new Nvidia card can output reaaaly high)

So where are you going to send this
TVs: up to 1080p
Projectors: my Optoma HD65 is a native XXX and max XXX
Monitors: most are set to 1280x1024px
*coming back to this, but I have a busy life ya'know

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