Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first projector

I've hunted around for a while now, and Optoma's EP719 has beaten the competition. DLP has a longer life, less jogging, and lower price. I know technology has a way of making things obsolete in a few years, but I'm investing in this one. It's stat.s are beautiful and has just what I want as far as inputs are concerned. Word of warning, several sites differ on the actual in/outputs on this bad-boy. What I have listed below is what I've found true for Circuit City. You didn't read that wrong. No-where else sells them, and technically I'm not sure they do since they don't carry them online or at their stores. You actually need to go to their stores and have them order and ship it to you. So hurry before they go bankrupt.

Optoma EP719
  • brightness: 2000 ansi lumens
  • contrast: 2500:1
  • resolution: 1024x768 native
  • aspect: 4:3
  • 1 VGA in, 1 DVI in, 1 s-video in, 1 VGA out
  • $600

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