Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My computer!

So I built it myself, and here are all of the beautiful spec.s that I would like to remember in case I ever have to reinstall drivers or replace parts.

Parts and components:
  • Intel DQ-965GF; 2PCI, 1PCI-Express x1, 1PCI-Express x16, 4 Ram Slots (up to 8Gigs), 6Sata inputs, 1Parallel ATA
  • Intel Core 2-duo
  • 4Gigs of DDR2 Ram
  • 320Gigs of space on 1Sata port
  • Lightscribe DVD+/- writer on 1Sata port: note that lightscribe is (as of this posting) not supported in Linux, besides that it burns everything I throw at it
  • Dynex 5in1 card reader
  • 400Watt power supply in some case I found for cheap online
  • Logitech G7 mouse: note that buttons don't play nice in Linux (more on that later)
  • Compaq wireless keyboard cat. no. 26-762
  • Dell 17" monitor model# E172FP
  • and crappy 5.1 surround that dell handed out four years ago with every computer
I hope you are in awe of my super fast computer, I plan on tossing a few more hard drives in there and an nvidia graphics card (just in time for the projector)

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