Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MegaPixels and Print Resolution

Image reproduction seems like tricky math, so here is the breakdown.

A high-quality print is made at 300ppi, a medium 200ppi, and a low quality at 150ppi.

So here is a breakdown of image sizes for my Nikon D90 12.3 mega pixel camera

  • Large Image 12.2MP: 4288px X 2848px
    • High Quality (300ppi): 14.3" x 9.5"
    • Medium Quality (200ppi): 21.44" x 14.2"
    • Low Quality (150ppi): 28.6" x 19"
  • Medium Image 6.9MP: 3216px X 2136px
    • HQ: 10.7" x 7.12"
    • MQ: 16" x 10.7"
    • LQ: 21.4" x 14.2"
  • Small Image 3.1MP: 2144px X 1424px
    • HQ: 7.14" x 4.7"
    • MQ: 10.7" x 7.1"
    • LQ:14.3" x 9.5"
It is important to note that you might want to crop after you take the photo. It is interesting to think though, that you can get away with shooting at small if you just plan on printing 4x6s at Ritz.

Another interesting representation of the data is how many pictures you can take at that setting. Here are my stats for my 4Gig SD card:
  • Raw (Large + WB Data): 260 images
  • Large: 534 images
  • Medium: 943 images
  • Small: 2,000+ images
In the end I suppose it is dependent on how many back up SD cards you have and how much space you have left on your card. If you need those shots you can always lower the resolution.

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    Auto-Login From Hibernation

    The Problem:
    When you close you laptop it hibernates. Later when you open your laptop and hit the power button it asks for a log-in password. You have the computer set to auto-log-in, but no dice.

    The Solution (Folder hierarchy is specific to Ubuntu 10.04):
    1. Boot up that laptop
    2. Press Alt+F2; this brings up the "Run Application" Dialog Box
    3. Type in "gconf-editor" and hit "Run"
    4. Hit the plus box next to "apps" then "gnome-power-manager"
    5. Click on the "lock" folder
    6. Uncheck the boxes next to "hibernate" and "suspend"
    7. Making these changes automatically applies them, so you can now close the window.
    8. Celebrate by testing it!

    Friday, July 2, 2010

    Thursday, July 1, 2010

    Third contender

    On my list of wants. This really nice 35mm (effective 52mm on my DX format dslr). It seems wrong that the 50mm (70mm effective) is about $70 less.

    Other important factors:

    • af-s would work on a d5000 if Melinda ever gets one (70$ more than the af version though...)
    • 1.8 f-stop is one hell of a wide aperture (1.4 is an extra 200+$)
    • and the price comes in at just under 200$, maybe I should look into used lenses though...

    Clean your contacts

    No, not your contact lenses. If you own a wireless mouse where you have to either dock it in a recharge station, or swap out little Lithium batteries, then I say "Clean your contacts".

    I figured my mouse was just dying it's inevitable death by struggling to seat properly in the charger. When I checked the contacts they were dirty, I cleaned them and voila. Like magic, it works properly.

    ...lord knows how they could have possibly gotten dirty.