Sunday, July 18, 2010

Auto-Login From Hibernation

The Problem:
When you close you laptop it hibernates. Later when you open your laptop and hit the power button it asks for a log-in password. You have the computer set to auto-log-in, but no dice.

The Solution (Folder hierarchy is specific to Ubuntu 10.04):
  1. Boot up that laptop
  2. Press Alt+F2; this brings up the "Run Application" Dialog Box
  3. Type in "gconf-editor" and hit "Run"
  4. Hit the plus box next to "apps" then "gnome-power-manager"
  5. Click on the "lock" folder
  6. Uncheck the boxes next to "hibernate" and "suspend"
  7. Making these changes automatically applies them, so you can now close the window.
  8. Celebrate by testing it!

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