Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordpress get_post issue

When you run get_post it doesn't apply paragraph tags to the content because it hasn't been run through the filter.

Blogger doesn't let you drop code in nicely so visit the actual site for more info.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Google Font API - Strange Glitches

Google recently released fonts that are accessible to all free of charge. Web designers can now reference them and expand our typographic possibilites. Pretty nifty. Here is where shit hits the fan. If you download these fonts to use in mockups in Photoshop all web browsers (barring chrome) have a glitch where they call on the regular font from the system instead of the italic/bold/bolditalic font.

This glitch only effects Droid Sans, and Droid Serif. Which is strange in itself. So there are two take home messages I have for you:
  1. If you want to speed up your page loading by downloading these fonts, just skip Droid Sans and Serif, there is some goofy glitch that isn't worth your time.
  2. If you want to use these fonts in mockups install the fonts directly to the Adobe Commons font directory, not the system font directory. 
    1. This can be done by navigating to C:\Program Files\Common Files\ Adobe
    2. Then either creating or entering a folder called "Fonts"
    3. Place any extra fonts in here
I had a heck of a time working this out because the new version of Adobe CS5 doesn't create a Fonts folder. Chaos!
So there you have it. Feel free to check out the font api. If you are in to typography you will be seeing these fonts pop up everywhere in the very near future.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sharing Files over Virtual Box

Virtual Box is a program that lets you run another operating system inside of your operating system!

Pretty nifty. It hogs resources, which is expected. What is really cool is that you can share files between the two "computers." Heres how:

  1. Install and launch virtual box
  2. Click on Settings, navigate to Shared Folders and add your new folder (via the folder + icon on the right)
    1. You aren't allowed to use spaces in the reference name, fyi
  3. Boot into you guest OS (windows in my case)
  4. Install the "Guest Additions" via Devices > Install Guest Additions
  5. Choose to install Direct3D stuff too! And don't forget to click accept to get through all the mumbo jumbo
  6. Now to map that network drive
    1. Open up file explorer and click on Tools > Map Network Drive
    2. Browse to Entire Network > Virtual Box Shared
  7. Seamless Mode: You can have the desktop to windows vanish and the windows on Windows appear to be seamlessly integrated with your normal desktop.  If you want to do it here's how
    1. Go to Machine > Fullscreen
    2. Go to Machine > Seamless Mode
  8. Boo Ya - Rock on
Note: After installing guest additions your mouse isn't locked into the virtualbox window. Very worthwhile even if you aren't sharing files across the box.