Monday, May 3, 2010

Fresh Lucid Lynx Install? Time to grab some software

The following is a list of software I recommend downloading on your fresh Lucid Lynx install.
  1. Run updates (just in case it isn't as fresh as you think!)
    • System > Administration > Update Manager
    • While we are here let's take a moment to adjust the settings (button is in the lower left hand corner of the Update Manager window)
      • I prefer to have Ubuntu check for updates weekly, and to install security updates without confirmation. Choose whatever suits you though. Hit close to save and exit.
  2. Open up the Ubuntu Software Center and search for the following:
    • Applications > Ubuntu Software Center
    1. Ubuntu Restricted Extras
      • This gets you set up to play MP3s, Java, Flash, and installs the core fonts used in microsoft (and a lot of websites)
    2. VLC
      • A simple video/audio player
    3. HomeBank
      • For personal accounting
    4. Advanced Desktop Effects Settings
      • This lets you play around with some of the more advanced effects that your computer is capable of. You often have to install this for other effects altering tutorials, so it is nice to just get it installed now.
    • Let's finish of DVD playing by unlocking the DVD reader we downloaded. To do this we have to enter some code into Terminal
      1. Open up an instance of terminal by going to Applications > Accessories > Terminal
      2. Terminal doesn't like keyboard shortcuts, so when you go to paste code you have to right click and select paste. That said.
      3. Paste the following code:
        sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/
  3. Now for the software where you have to visit their sites
    • This can be a bit confusing, but you are looking for files that end in .deb (instead of .exe) and are built for i386 or 32bit computers. i386 is just a fancy way of saying 32bit. And because there are two ways to say it everybody disagrees about which is correct.
    1. Picasa
      • A great photo organizer that lets you upload photos to your web albums account, and e-mail them.
      • Again you want the .deb file for Debian/Ubuntu i386. This is the second option.
      • Download, double click, and hit install. If it says there is an error or something is corrupt, then download it again.
    2. Skype
      • Perfect for online chatting.
      • Lucid Lynx was released in April of 2010 (so it is 10.04), this is above 8.10, and we want the 32-bit release.
      • Download, double click, and hit install. If it says there is an error or something is corrupt, then download it again.
  4. And last but not least the random ones that sneak through the cracks in the ground.
    1. Community Themes, is quite what the title suggests. You don't like the greys and blacks around your windows? Neither did I!
      • You can download this one by clicking on community themes there are tougher ways to grab it, but after all the good work you've done today this one is a freebie
    I'll keep this post updated with any software I stumble upon.  If there is something you want your computer to do that it isn't doing then browse around the Software Center.

    Best of luck