Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts

First of all, I am more of a point and click guy for getting things done. I know a couple of keyboard shortcuts, but I tend to find a menu to get things done. There are a couple of exceptions, but not too many. Here are two new ones to add to your repertoire.
  • F2 and F3.
Easy to memorize right? F2 is they shortcut to rename a file when in the file browser (Nautilus). When I first switched over to Ubuntu from Windows not being able to click-pause-click to rename a file was one of the obstacles I stumbled over (and over again). It was a dumb way to rename a file, but it was ingrained in me. In Ubuntu I've gotten in the habit of right clicking the file then hitting 'r' on the keyboard to jump into renaming. Today I found F2. It seems once you find a way to do something you continue for quite some time even if you think that it is slow and there ought to be a better way to get things done.

F3 is a shortcut for Nautilus as well and it splits the main browsing screen in half. You can also use tabs for a similar effect (ctrl+t or file>new tab), but I've found this little trick to be more visually appealing. In both instances you can highlight files from one window, or tab, and drag them to another.

Also 10.10 came out! I'll probably wait till the next release as 10.04 is treating me fine, but who knows. It is hard to resist a free upgrade.

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