Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Ubunt Font Released

You can grab it from the packages site.
Click on "all" under "Download TTF..."
From there you just double click to install.

To implement the font you need to navigate to: System > Preferences > Fonts
Once there you can change all of the fonts from Sans to Ubuntu, and Sans Bold to Ubuntu Bold.
There is no mono-space Ubuntu font yet, so just leave that one alone

This is just me, but I found the following settings to produce the most readable content

  • Application Font: Ubuntu @ 11
  • Document Font: Ubuntu @ 10
  • Desktop Font: Ubuntu - Bold @ 10
  • Window Title Font: Ubuntu - Bold @ 11
  • Fixed Width Font: Monospace @ 10
Another really pretty font, if you don't dig Ubuntu is Aler. It is available for free! To install it simply double click on the font and click "install font"

Simple enough right? God I love Ubuntu.

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