Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free Icons: For Web Design

When webdesigning (or creating a portfolio) it is nice to drop in some icons. Consider a necessary tool in design, along with photos, text and color pallets.

For Action Buttons Around The Site

For In Text Graphics

Networking Icons

as a side note on my way to learning wordpress and understanding it's enigmas, here is a great theme.
the psd and the theme are free, fancy j-query and all sorts of interesting goodies.

After browsing around the Wordpress database for themeing (Codex) I blew a raspberry in the air and started searching. Here is my best find on Learning to Theme by theme shaper. Seems to meet my needs and walk you through the ugly. Most importantly it'll be more fun than disassembling someone else's theme. Everytime I have to do that I feel like a cross between a surgeon and an archeologist. I constantly find myself thinking, "is that glyph outdated or is that a spleen, and therefor somewhat necessary?"

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