Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wives against Schwarz

Christopher Schwarz is the editor of Woodworking Magazine and runs a great blog.
The Schwarz also has spent a lot of money on woodworking tools, and now I probably will too. I asked him for the brands of the tools he turns to the most. He didn't mention all of the items that grace his black and white tool rack at home, I don't know if it was from not wanting to scare me out of woodworking or upsetting his wife.

  • Lie-Nielsen 60-1/2 low angle adjustable mouth block plane ($165)
  • Lie-Nielsen No. 8 ($475) Holy moly this thing is 2feet long and feels like a submarine, or freight train
  • Bailey No. 5 with a Hock iron ($35 for the iron, the planes you have to get from flea markets)
  • Ray Iles mortising chisels ($70ish each; 1/4 & 3/8 for starters)
  • Tite-Mark marking gauges ($99 for the long)
  • Starrett 6” and 12” combination squares($74 and $78 respectively)
  • Lie-Nielsen No. 4 in bronze with a high-angle frog ($350, I have an old Bailey no.4 [$14 from an antique shop] that should do the trick once I camber the blade. Though I'll always drool over this one)
  • Lie-Nielsen chisels (two sets!) ($350 for one set of 5, maybe one day I'll get these)
  • Andrew Lunn dovetail saw
  • Blue Spruce marking knife ($45)
  • Wenzloff & Sons tenon and sash saws
  • Veritas Saddle squares and dovetail squares
  • Veritas block plane with a chamfer guide

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